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How Should We Live Since the End is Near?

Thoughts and discussions of the end times are often dominated by fear and speculation. The Bible points us instead to loving our neighbor, showing hospitality, and using our gifts in faith so that God may be glorified through Jesus. The Bible does not point us to fear and speculation. The Bible calls us to love our neighbor and to live by faith.

Words at War

Listen carefully to the true preaching of God's Word and flee from all those who bring a different word. The above picture was drawn by Holbein, Hans who lived from 1497 to 1543. It depicts Elijah who contended with the prophets of Baal in order to bring the people of God to repentance, faith, and salvation.

School Shootings Show Us Our Need for Jesus

When tragedies occur we are often tempted to get angry and yell at people. Often we want to find someone to blame. Jesus would have us think and act differently. He says, in the light of tragedy, to repent. The solution for sin and death is not in our anger, but in Jesus the Savior.