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Should We Baptize Our Babies?

The Word of God reveals that even infants can believe, and that faith itself is a gift. Since saving grace is received in baptism by the mercy of God, and since the Lord invites children to come to Him, we bring our children to the Lord in baptism.


What is Advent? Advent is a season of the church year in which we look forward to the second coming of Christ and remember His first coming.

Words at War

Listen carefully to the true preaching of God's Word and flee from all those who bring a different word. The above picture was drawn by Holbein, Hans who lived from 1497 to 1543. It depicts Elijah who contended with the prophets of Baal in order to bring the people of God to repentance, faith, and salvation.

Easter Every Day

Every day is Easter for us, because every day through confession and faith we put to death the flesh and rise again with Christ in new life.