Who We Are.  Why We're Here.

Welcome to Servant's Pen. This is the blogging home of seven Lutheran (AFLC) pastors. Our goal is to publish content that will strengthen your faith in Christ, increase your knowledge of God's Word, and encourage you to live godly lives. 

We uphold the inspiration and inerrancy of all Scripture. Since it is God's Word, the Bible is authoritative for all matters of faith and life. The chief purpose of Scripture is to testify to God's redemption of sinners through His Son, Jesus Christ. As Lutherans, we hold to the three ecumenical creeds and the historic Lutheran confessions as faithful and true expositions of God's Word.

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Assistant Pastor of Ruthfred Lutheran Church, Bethel Park, PA. Groom of Courtney, my rib, delight of my eyes, et al. Gifted with two children more wonderful than I deserve. Champion of good coffee. Reveler in God's gracious gospel. Inveterate hater of writing my own bio. Inveterate fan of writing the bios of others. Not all in that order.


Pastor of Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church in Thief River Falls and Reiner Lutheran Free Church near Goodridge, MN. Married to Julia, who can make a good meal from nothing, a feast from groceries, and lefse from potatoes. I love my kids, and I listen to Aaron Espe.


Pastor of Skrefsrud Lutheran Church in rural Beresford, SD. My wife, Elise, is way more successful than me but it's not a contest. We are blessed with two wonderful children who wear us out. Before kids I used to enjoy reading, basketball, and frisbee golf. I'm the youngest looking pastor on this website.


Pastor of Trinity Free Lutheran Church in Grand Forks, ND, I have an awesome wife and a tiny little son. I'm really good at watching baseball. I have no idea who Servant Spen is.


Pastor of Hope Lutheran Church of Northome, Minnesota, and Bethesda Lutheran Church of Mizpah, Minnesota. I am happily married to my wife Jeanette. I have many skills, but none of them are technological. Some day I am going to catch a big walleye.


Nicholas Schultz

Pastor of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Kirkland, WA. My wife is smarter than I am. My three kids are better at drawing than I am. But I can eat more tacos than all of them. I’m here because of my beard.


J. Christian Andrews

I'm an "adult" missionary's kid who can't decide what I want to be when I grow up. I am Bob Andrews's son and Naomi Andrews's dad. I have close to 20 years English Language Arts classroom experience (almost all of it as a tentmaker pastor); after six years in sixth grade, I was finally promoted to eighth where I spent another six years. My wife, Susan, is the best cook (sorry Mom) ever. I am currently called to serving God's people as an interim pastor.