He Finishes What He Starts

In one sense God’s work on you is already done, because when Jesus said, “It is finished,” He meant it. But in another sense, God’s work on you is a continual process. While justification is by declaration, sanctification is a process. He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.

Wait For It

The Lord’s reply to Jeremiah is the same comfort He speaks to you today, “Do not fear!” Waiting is hard, but the Holy Spirit will comfort us through the Word of God.

Words at War

Listen carefully to the true preaching of God's Word and flee from all those who bring a different word. The above picture was drawn by Holbein, Hans who lived from 1497 to 1543. It depicts Elijah who contended with the prophets of Baal in order to bring the people of God to repentance, faith, and salvation.

The Freedom of Forgiveness

Christianity refuses to overlook the tremendous debt sinners owe God. But it also teaches that a complete and sufficient repayment has been issued on their behalf by Christ at the cross.

A Blessed End

Dying in faith is a blessed end because in Christ it is not an ultimate end. Any end, sudden or prolonged, when salvation through Christ is believed, is a blessed one.