What Does It Mean To Have a God?

What does it mean to have a God? Martin Luther, in his Large Catechism explains the difference between trusting God and trusting in idols. He writes, "So, to have a God is nothing other than trusting and believing Him with the heart. I have often said that the confidence and faith of the heart alone make both God and an idol."

Time For Church

“Primarily, we come to church not to worship and serve God, although this, of course, happens. First and foremost, we come together as a body to be served by God through his Word and the Sacraments.”

What Will Happen When You Die?

What will happen when you die? If the Holy Spirit has brought about faith in you so you trust God is merciful to you because of what Jesus has done for you, then when you fall asleep your spirit will go to be with the Lord. On the final day Jesus will also raise your body to life and you will live with the Lord forever in the New Heavens and the New Earth. Believers, we may feel the sting of death today, but we have victory over death in Jesus Christ the Lord!

Easter Every Day

Every day is Easter for us, because every day through confession and faith we put to death the flesh and rise again with Christ in new life.

Who's Your Mama?

The Law is not your mama—it didn't establish you in faith, and it won't sustain you. Salvation comes when the Church proclaims the Gospel, God's means of establishing and sustaining you in faith.

School Shootings Show Us Our Need for Jesus

When tragedies occur we are often tempted to get angry and yell at people. Often we want to find someone to blame. Jesus would have us think and act differently. He says, in the light of tragedy, to repent. The solution for sin and death is not in our anger, but in Jesus the Savior.