Should We Baptize Our Babies?

The Word of God reveals that even infants can believe, and that faith itself is a gift. Since saving grace is received in baptism by the mercy of God, and since the Lord invites children to come to Him, we bring our children to the Lord in baptism.

How Should We Live Since the End is Near?

Thoughts and discussions of the end times are often dominated by fear and speculation. The Bible points us instead to loving our neighbor, showing hospitality, and using our gifts in faith so that God may be glorified through Jesus. The Bible does not point us to fear and speculation. The Bible calls us to love our neighbor and to live by faith.

The Living Dead

God does not convert people who are favorable toward him. He doesn’t even convert people who are neutral toward him, because such people don’t exist. God converts people who are hostile toward him, because that’s the only kind of person there is.

I'm a Free Lutheran

Congregational freedom is beautiful because it is a fruit of our spiritual freedom. Congregational freedom is also risky because our judgment is tainted by sin on this side of eternity. By freely associating with like-minded congregations we are trusting the Spirit of God and His Word to admonish and comfort us as we navigate our freedom.

The Myth of Autonomy

Christian freedom does not mean that we may do what we want. It actually means that we are slaves of righteousness. Do not confuse freedom for autonomy. Always ask, “What have I been freed from?”